Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First day

Today was my first day with my new pack! I arrived in Norfolk, VA and these two hairless two legged walkers picked me up. Well one of of them has some hair, but not like us. The ride home was very relaxing as I got to sit on Alphas wife's lap the entire way. When we got home there was another pack mate! Kind of a short old chubby fellow, said his name was Bailee a 3 year old puggle who gets all of Alphas stomach cuddle time. I spent the entire time sniffing the outside and inside. When it was time to go to our den they didn't being me with them. They left me in a small crate with some kind of crinkled white stuff for padding. I begged and begged even showed them I could howl so that I could come to their den, I got lonely and cried for a few hours. Alpha did come and check on me multiple times so I could mark my territory while Bailee slept. Thanks Alpha!

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