Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Swimmer Zoe

Today Alpha took off work to be with brother and I. I know they slept good in their den because I sang all night to them from my den! I thought they. Could join me instead of me going there but no one came. It was an incredible day. It was so sunny and windy my ears kept hitting my snout. Alpha took brother and I on another walk after they both came back from that place I went and brother has to take medicine to prevent him from getting my friends.. I still haven't seen them and cannot imagine why brother doesn't want friends too. Maybe he likes a small pack. Well we stayed out in the sun for so long I took a nap and when I woke up Alpha was very busy. He cut down some low hanging tree branches that he piled up really high and I smashed through them and spread them around the yard till Alpha put them back and I did it again and again. Brother had one of my toys and was making it squeak from across the pool. Well it squeaked one to many times and I had to have it! I was tired so I didn't want to run around the pool so I figured the shortest distance was across the wet stuff! He had it covered but the rain water was about a foot deep so I was pretty excited and tried to bite the water jumping at me. Alpha finally grabbed me pulled me up and I went to sleep in the dirt till I dried off. Now we are just waiting for Alphas mate to come home while I wait here on the sofa after dinner. Alpha is very happy that I didn't mark any of his spots inside, so far. It's nap time.

First weekend

Ohhh yea! Weekend is here such and exciting one filled with NHL All Star skills competition, all star game and the NFL Pro Bowl! First my new pack took me to this strange building with lots of other dogs and more two legged walkers. They took me into a room with nothing but a cold hard shiny den. They made me stand on it and said something about 12 pounds at 9 weeks. Then this weird lady walked in and played with my back side and would later say I came come with friends!! Thousands of them, but I haven't seen any yet? I also got a few shots to make me healthy. I went home and played chase the old chubby guy around until he hid from me up high on some furniture. Then the games came on and I could tell Alpha was excited, which made me excited... I didn't mean to pee on the floor. He wasn't very happy, but took me outside to get more territory and Cheerios! I was so restless from my nap earlier they decided to take me on a long walk with my brother Bailee. Wow what a big open field and lots of smells out there! I couldn't keep up with brother, but Im going to train so that I can, he was so fast. Alpha said something about TiVo. It was a good day. Still hasn't invited me to their den though, I'll keep practicing my barking and howling till they think I'm worthy.
Sunday came super early, I saw a little bit of some light and had to let everyone know! Alpha came down shortly after I stopped yelling and we went out with brother for a morning exploration. Alphas mate came down stairs and I really thought she had another pack member on her head! I went to explore it as soon as I could I was so excited! It wasn't a pack member, she whelped when I bit it. I think I was bad. Brother just laughed at me and jumped on Alphas lap. Today was cold and I didn't want to get more territory outside, I want to claim inside to get closer to their den! I claimed like 6 spots in one day, I was busy but I think they were Alphas old spots because he got mad each time. I might have to stick to outside spots, I'll try a few more times in the up coming weeks and let you know. Big den or bust!

First day

Today was my first day with my new pack! I arrived in Norfolk, VA and these two hairless two legged walkers picked me up. Well one of of them has some hair, but not like us. The ride home was very relaxing as I got to sit on Alphas wife's lap the entire way. When we got home there was another pack mate! Kind of a short old chubby fellow, said his name was Bailee a 3 year old puggle who gets all of Alphas stomach cuddle time. I spent the entire time sniffing the outside and inside. When it was time to go to our den they didn't being me with them. They left me in a small crate with some kind of crinkled white stuff for padding. I begged and begged even showed them I could howl so that I could come to their den, I got lonely and cried for a few hours. Alpha did come and check on me multiple times so I could mark my territory while Bailee slept. Thanks Alpha!